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Looking For A Complete E-survey Solution?

Nexus Surveyor is a complete solution for creating and distributing surveys and collecting, analyzing, and reporting results. Whether you are looking to identify the key factors affecting your sales, searching for continuous feedback to drive your communications forward and manage your brand or service better, or trying to understand your clients' motivations, expectations, and requirements, Nexus Surveyor helps you to get the answers you need.

How we Work?

Many organizations want to deploy a web survey, but don't have the resources or technology background to enable this process. Our survey and technology experts can design and manage the entire survey process from creation to deployment to reports. We act as Your Online Survey Department. You're the boss. Once you've decided what you want to ask in a survey, and who you want to ask, we'll take it from there, as if we were just down the hall from you.

Common applications are customer and employee satisfaction surveys, course evaluations, and opinion polls. Other applications include lead-generation forms, technical-support inquiry forms, web-feedback surveys, and product-order forms.

Our survey experts can let you know how many people are taking the survey on an ongoing basis. Their answers can be instantly analyzed, so if you need interim reports, we can provide them, or you can view them online in real time from our secure extranet.

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