Nexus Mailer

The major barrier to implementing surveys has been the cost in administering them. You either needed staff to telephone or meet with people to ask the questions, or you had to undertake a direct mail campaign with the expenses of printing, mailing, paying for the return of responses, and finally entering the information into a computer for analysis.

Nowadays, with hundreds of millions of people throughout the world that have access to e-mail and the Web, answers come back in an electronic format. Reorganizing the answers and outputting meaningful results is automatic with Nexus Surveyor. A survey can reach people in a matter of minutes, rather than days or months when compared with phone calls or waiting for the mail to come in.

Average Comparison for the costs of delivering a simple, five-minute survey to 100 people:
  • Telephone: $50 for telephone costs + $250 for interviewers + $250 to enter data = US$550
  • Mail: $100 for printing/postage + $400 to open envelopes/enter data = US$500
  • Internet: $200 to create/deliver form + $5 to convert data = US$205

    This isn't to say that all company surveys can use the Internet. E-surveys presume that the people you want to interview can be reached through either e-mail or the Web, an assumption that excludes the majority of the world's population. You might want a phone or in-person survey to allow skilled staff to probe people's answers to gain more additional insight.